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Recent Posts

2110, 2014

Acting on Impulse – Adaptive Drama Team Huge Success

The HASCI Center of Greenville County Disabilities and Special Needs Board started a new Drama Team this year and held their first major performance on September 2nd, 2014. Over 70 people attended the intimate show at McAlister Square including members of the Greenville Traumatic […]

508, 2014

A Gentleman and His Garden – Guest Post!

By Adam McCloud, GCDSNB Residential Supervisor

Donnie is a very inspirational person. He is 68 and still very active with his gardening. Donnie has battled his share of health problems, yet, never let them stop him from doing what he loves.

Donnie is a veteran of […]

3107, 2014

Light it up! Sensory Room Redesign Complete

The Sensory Room at Patrick Center Activities is designed to be an engaging space where people can take a break from the activities and noise of the day. Formerly a bare room with a few bean bage style seats, the Sensory Room has been […]